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Wondershare Video Editorhelp and info

  • Is it fully free or does it have a free trial?

    There is no official fully-free version of this software. The trail version allows you to try to program, but you will have to pay if you want to use all of its functions and if you would like to remove the watermarks from your end-result video.

  • Is there a way to make the production values look a little better?

    Many of the text and additions to videos look cheap. The best way to make your production values look better is to avoid the cheap-looking additions such as text and so forth.

  • How do I separate videos on the timeline?

    Oddly enough, you are usable to separate them. All you are able to do is add a black colour item between your videos so that they look separated and do not look like scene shifts within the same video.

  • Why am I unable to apply transitions?

    Some videos within your timeline may simply be unable to take a transition. In addition, there are some videos where you are able to add a transition at the end of one video, but are unable to add a transition at the beginning of another video.

  • Why does it keep asking me to install the latest version of Wondershare Video Editor Win while I am trying to install an effects pack?

    This means that your version of the Wondershare Video Editor Win is out of date, or that your operating system is out of date. Specifically, it means that your operating system is running on 32bit, when this editing software requires a 64bit operating system.

  • What does the error “WMVCore.dll is missing…” mean?

    This is because the Wondershare Video Editor Win software and Filmora software uses Windows Media Player, which is not a program that is already installed in more recent version of Windows. To avoid this error message, you will need to install Windows Media Player, and then install the Wondershare Video Editor Win software.

  • Why are there black bars around some of my videos and not others?

    It all has to do with the aspect ratio of your image. Your video player will play your videos at a certain aspect ratio so that your image is not stretched or compressed when it is played. If the original video file(s) has no black bars, then your resultant video file will have no bars. On the other hand, if you crop your video and it does not match the aspect ratio your video player is playing at, then you will see black bars on your video around the edges of your video.

  • Why does the video quality look terrible when I add videos to my timeline?

    The videos you see in the Wondershare Video Editor Win timeline are only previews of your video. The previews have been compressed, which is why they look terrible. Despite the fact that editing your video will cause a slight degradation of video quality, this is not reflected in the video previews. The end product of your video editing will have a similar quality to the original video files.

  • Is there a video key that allows the free use of this program without having to pay?

    There are numerous websites that offer a free registration code for Wondershare Video Editor Win. That is because the company didn't both to create randomly generated registration codes. As a result, there are many registration codes that will work more than once. That is why there are so many websites offering a free registration code for this software.

  • How do I remove the watermark from my Wondershare Video Editor Win videos?

    The watermark is a part of the free trial version. The free trial only exists to allow you to play around with the software and see if it works on your device. You are not able to create edited videos without the watermark unless you buy the full version.